Effective Consulting Skills for Subject Matter Experts

Delivering Business Results & Building Partnerships   

Do your consultants ask the right questions?  Do they know how to build a solid business case for their recommendations?  Are your consultants skilled in speaking at the executive level?  Now, more than ever, consultants are being measured by how they impact their clients’ business metrics (i.e., improved quality, reliability, accuracy, stability, security, productivity, revenue, time to market, etc.) and not just the success of the solution they are delivering.

Effective Questioning & Active Empathic Listening 

Do your delivery consultants excel at the fundamentals of effective questioning and listening?  How quickly do they build trust and rapport with your clients?  What would be the impact to your business if your clients involved your consultants in all their decisions?  This training will teach your delivery consultants, step by step, how to build strong high-trust relationships and deliver the business results your clients expect.

This training will also teach your consultants how to:

  • Identify and develop new opportunities with existing clients
  • Assist on sales calls and in new business development
  • Deal with difficult clients
  • Manage changes to the agreed upon scope
  • Work in harmony with other vendors on a project
  • Improve the quality, speed and accuracy of solutions delivered
  • Network and build new relationships throughout the client site

Building Trust & Achieving Client Loyalty 

Your ability to grow and be profitable is directly tied to your ability to help your clients do the same. To achieve success in consulting, your consultants must work with your clients, not for them. Effective Consulting Skills is practical, holistic and one of the only training programs ever designed to improve the consulting skills of delivery consultants. This program is not lectured! It is customized and facilitated with interaction, exercises and real-world examples.

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