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By Steve McClatchy, President, Alleer Training & Consulting Being good at what you do is not easy. Being great is even more difficult. Being one of the best in the world at what you do is a monstrous undertaking. It’s not something everyone can achieve; not everyone can be the best in the world. Most […]

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Fearless Leadership
Blog Put An End To Procrastination

Increase Engagement & Retain Your Top Talent

By Steve McClatchy, President, Alleer Training & Consulting Think of a time in your life when you were highly engaged. You seldom ever looked at the clock. You may have even missed meals or become dehydrated because your concentration in the moment overshadowed your basic needs. Hours, days, or even weeks just flew by. You […]

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Blog Do Your New Prospects Trust You

Authenticity in Sales

Do you remember the Budweiser “Wazzzzuuuup” commercials? They are a couple of years old now but their impact has not gone away. I hear friends, family members and even colleagues still use this greeting when they see each other. Why has this phrase hung around for so long? In one word–trust. These commercials portrayed very real, very authentic, very down to earth communication between very close friends.

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Asset or Liability? By Steve McClatchy, President, Alleer Training & Consulting Hey, can we talk about your ego? That doesn’t sound like a compliment is coming your way does it? In most circles outside psychology journals, ego has a negative reputation meaning an inflated opinion of yourself. How did this vital part of the human […]

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4 Benefits Of Burnout

The 4 Benefits of Burnout

Feel Inspired, Take Inventory, Get Motivated and Become Couragous By Steve McClatchy, President, Alleer Training & Consulting Have you ever had a day that looked exactly like yesterday? Have you ever had a week? How about a few years? Sometimes it’s nice when you know today is going to look exactly like yesterday. You know […]

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Img Work Life Balance

Work Life Balance

Work/life balance is one of the most elusive and sought after values in business today. In a recent Aon Consulting poll, 88% of employees say they have a hard time juggling work and life. Employers recognize that out of balance or burned out employees can impact morale, engagement, attendance, productivity, retention, quality and even customer satisfaction so the stakes are high. With so much at stake why has work/life balance been so hard to figure out?

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You Say Goodbye I Say Hello

You Say Goodbye & I Say Hello!

Relationship Games We Play at Work & in Life By Steve McClatchy, President, Alleer Training & Consulting You arrive at work and see your colleague in the hall and you say hello. In a meeting with that same colleague later in the day you disagree about something and it gets pretty heated. The next morning […]

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Avoidance Patterns

4 Steps to Controlling Your Avoidance Patterns

By Steve McClatchy, President, Alleer Training & Consulting How is working from home going for you? Do you feel a sense of increased productivity with that extra commuting time back in your day? Or do you feel as if you are working all the time now? Let’s be honest. Is work taking longer at home […]

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The Key to Getting Better & Faster By Steve McClatchy, President, Alleer Training & Consulting The job of every leader is to continuously make the business better and faster in order to secure its place in the market. A stagnant business leaves room for competition to catch up to your speed and quality, and even […]

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The Value Of Simple Ideas

The Value of Simple Ideas:

3 Rules to Get You Organized By Steve McClatchy, President, Alleer Training & Consulting I grew up in a family with twelve children. I have eight brothers and three sisters. Including my mother and father, there were fourteen of us. Add a couple of kids from the neighborhood, friends or cousins and there was always […]

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